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Analytical Assistance Service

Analyses of gases used in processes
Gases are used in many production processes and it is sometimes necessary to check their parameters or their content for impurities in order to gain a better understanding of the working process.

We can offer either analytical support, the checking of your instruments, or the analysis of supplementary parameters.

Environmental analyses in operating theatres
The analysis of the environment in operating theatres is increasingly important, so as to safeguard the health of patients undergoing surgery and in order to comply with the requirements imposed by laws governing the sector.

We supply analysis services to verify:

  • conformity of the air produced by your compressor plants, with all the parameters foreseen by the Official Pharmacopoeia;
  • professional exposure to anaesthetics in operating theatres, according to Circular No.5 of 14 March 1989 of the General Direction S.I.P. - Division III - No. 403/13.2/380.

Analytical assistance for using calibration mixtures
The use of calibration mixtures requires a good knowledge of the field of gas analysis.
Whilst for some mixtures the precautions one needs to take are relatively simple, for others, such as mixtures containing corrosive gases or mixtures with components in low concentrations, the methodology for their use may not be particularly well known.
We offer assistance in resolving problems encountered during the use of such mixtures.

Training in the analysis of gases and gas mixtures
In order to conduct correct analyses of gases it is necessary to have suitable instruments coupled with a good knowledge and experience of the factors which can invalidate results.

Frequently, in fact, based on the types of request that come in to us, we find that gas analyses are incorrect because there have been errors in sampling, erroneous choice in the materials coming into contact with the gases, or because there is an incompatability and interference between the gases to be analysed, etc.
We are on-hand to offer instruction courses in the techniques and best practice to be used in order to arrive at correct analyses and on how to avoid possible errors.

Checking the functioning of gas analysers
Process analysers must be periodically checked to ensure they continue to supply reliable data.

We carry out these checks either by using SIAD Gas Sample calibration mixtures and mixtures produced by LAT Centre No. 143.

Consultancy on analytical instrumentation
We offer our know-how and experience to advise on the correct choice of instrument to be used and its process configuration.