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Heat treatments

Metal heat treatments are the processes used to change physical and chemical properties of a material. According to the desired microstructure and associated properties, different types of heat treatment may be applied depending on the material treated.

Heating profile, time at temperature and cooling rate are the most important steps of heat treatment. During these phases, protective atmospheres are used according to:

  • material treated
  • heat treatment process and specific microstructure
  • properties.

Protective atmospheres are divided in active and neutral depending on interaction between treated material and gases compounds. Protective atmospheres can be obtained by production on site (DICPC plant) or by using “synthetic” atmospheres made by nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide or their blends. Nitrogen is employed in the heat treatment process both for purging phase and during the process itself.

When titanium is treated, protective atmosphere is made by argon and not by nitrogen to avoid formation of titanium nitride. Nitrogen and argon under high pressure are also used in vacuum heat treatment furnace during cooling phase. Hydrogen content in the atmosphere allows to have reducing atmosphere associated with an increase in heat transfer.

SIAD can supply the appropriate solution according to the different heat treatments: design, assembly and installation of plants allowing safe operation of heat treatment processes.

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