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Dry ice

Solid carbon dioxide is an extremely effective substitute for mechanical chilling systems during the transport of fresh and frozen foods and perishable products of various types.

SIAD supplies dry ice in pellets or in carbon dioxide snow applicators, which automatically spray dry ice snow on the products to be chilled. This is a good way of maintaining the correct temperature during food preservation and of guaranteeing the continuity of the cold chain.

In an effective response to growing customer demand for chilling conditions, SIAD has developed a new service, ICEandGO?, which also includes the supply of various amounts of dry ice. Information on the supply of dry ice in the Czech Republic is available from our sales representatives in Bohemia (see our representative offices in Bohemia) and Moravia (see our representative offices in Moravia).

In the wine industry, dry ice is used to chill grapes during harvest in order to avoid premature fermentation and to produce wine with better organoleptic qualities—colour, taste and bouquet.

Chilling with dry ice has been used for many years in various applications in the baking industry, where speed of cooling and precise temperature control are important. In the case of dough and batter, carbon dioxide snow helps maintain the integrity of ingredients such as butter and fat, eliminating streaking and maintaining plasticity.

In the meat industry, one of the biggest problems in meat processing is heat produced during processing, particularly during mixing and grinding cycles. Dry ice can help control the quality of products by regulating temps more precisely and using the bacteriostatic properties of carbon dioxide.