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Acetylene is a gas which has contributed heavily to industrial progress; from the beginning of the century it has been widely used in manufacturing activities (autogenous welding) and in the fields of civil and maritime lighting (lighthouses).
Its transportability, because of its high flammability and tendency to explosive decomposition, has been a much debated technical problem for years.
The solution to this, for which SIAD can claim a substantial role, was found in the porous mass.

Technical Properties
Product: acetylene
Chemical formula: C2H2
Purity level: ≥ 99.0%
Relative density (air = 1): 0.9
Aspect: colourless gas
Odour: ethereal, sweetish
Limit of flammability in air: 2.0 ÷ 82%

Technical properties

Acetylene is used in diverse applications covering a number of industries, including:

  • welding and cutting (autogenous energy)
  • production of lampback
  • flaming out
  • analysis of metals with atomic absorption spectrophotometers.
Acetylene is highly flammable and explosive. Furthermore, it can cause asphyxia in high concentrations.

To avoid these harmful effects, producers and customers should follow strict safety guidelines for storage and handling, and consult our acetylene Material Safety Data Sheet.

Acetylene production is based on the reaction of water with calcium carbide.

This exothermic reaction occurs in wet generators which work with an excess amount of water so as to absorb the heat arising from the same reaction.
On existing the generator, acetylene passes by a water washing tower, where it is cooled and prepurified; then it is subjected to a purification process, a drying process and is finally compressed into cylinders.

Acetylene supply options and services available to SIAD customers include:

  • transport in cylinders and packs of cylinders
  • design and installation of gas distribution systems
  • supply of equipment for the correct use of the gas
  • assistance and technical consultancy for the transport, distribution and application of the gas.

Acetylene can also be supplied:

  • with grade 2.6.


Supply modes